Connected Production Platform

We empower companies to leverage their investments in digital plant technologies to improve processes throughout their manufacturing or production capacity.

What We Solve

The ability to predict and implement process improvement to create higher efficiency and better consistency.


Leadership Teams Driving Overall Plant Performance and EBIT. Departmental Management Driving Key Performance Metrics. Process Engineering, Process Control and Performance.

Built For

Organizations transitioning from legacy systems to modern digital tools and requiring precise data to enable more intelligent decisions.

Next Level

AI/Machine Learning, Predictive and Presciptive Analytics. Enabling sophisticated tools to predict and prescript trends in the organization for continuous improvement.

A blueprint for the next Generation digital plant

Optimize your production environments into an intelligent live-data-driven tool.

Five Requirements for an Intelligent Production Line:

Access to data and monitor live performance across the entire plant value stream

Using a common language and way of measuring performance across the board

Connected advanced analytics tools to model the immediate impact of improvements

A common platform for various stages, departments and stakeholders in a production process

Platforms should cater for all levels of stakeholders and allow easy access at any stage

We Deliver

  • Quickly identify factors from the many opportunities for cost savings, including better investment by monitoring and control of the right parameters.
  • Improved management of raw materials and suppliers by defining inputs that are critical to finished product quality.

  • A suite of tools for quick Analysis and Action.


  • Process Performance metrics at your fingertips, everywhere, at any time.

Six Sigma Methodology

Our Connected Production Platform navigates each aspect, so issues are addressed immediately, using tried and tested Continuous Improvement Methodology