Genware Analytics Suite

We enable faster, more accurate and more relevant decisions in complex and fast–changing business contexts.

What We Solve

The need to accelerate the alignment between strategy and execution.


Leaders responsible to improve performance by closing the gaps of the organization.

Built For

Modern organizations set to improve outcomes with decision making on the macro, micro, real-time, cyclical, strategic, tactical and operational level.

Next Level

Strategically using Data Science to identify factors across all departments and applying AI to predict opportunities.

Our Suite has four components

Integrated Planning, Visual Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Hub.

Integrated Planning

The Integrated Planning module breaks down data silos to align and achieve goals with Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting. Pivot direction when business elements change, thereby providing the ability to reallocate resources. Traditionally the data to inform businesses are generated in thousands of individually generated spreadsheets. This proves inefficient and also challenging to manage and base decisions on in a timely fashion.

Visual Analytics

Explore and understand data through intuitive visualizations to quickly and easily identify trends and outliers.

AI-Powered Insights

Find insights easily through AI-powered recommendations, visualizations and insights. With just one-click, Advanced Analytics can provide insight into predictive routines and data science workflows.

Business Intelligence

Provide your teams with a suite of information that is purpose-built to provide the correct information to the right people at the right time to make informed decisions.

  • Pre-defined Reports
  • Prompted Reporting
  • Ad-hoc Analysis

Data Hub

Data Hub provides a unified approach by delivering a centralized access point to combine and provision all your data. Business friendly data views simplifies access by hiding the IT complexity in easy to use dashboards.

  • Files Database Cloud Stores
  • Events Data Streams